(...) the final production from Ricardo Piccoli shown perfect once again: all leveled, crystalline and with a weight of clenching the teeth (...)
Whiplash!, November 2008.


About the music producer and sound engineer Ricardo Piccoli.

Musician sice 1988, music and phonographic producer since 1999, Ricardo Piccoli has become a strong name on the brazillian independent music. He is an experienced sound enginner and his productions pump out, from rock, metal and hardcore even pop and regional music.

He has worked in his own studio, PiccoliStudio, but also producing artists from different regions of Brazil and other parts of the world. His first homestudio was in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, later became more profissional and it was transfered for Campinas/Brazil, and now it's on the north of Italy, in Piedmont, where he keeps, every time better, deliverying his works.

(...) again under the flawless production of Ricardo Piccoli, an exceptional recording quality (...)
Roadie Crew, May 2010.

He has worked with artists and bands from Brazil, like Hellish War, Slasher, The Flanders, Sonni, Laconist, Soulriver, The 900, Ravera, Corporate Death, Blue Barrel, Edu Krieger, Luis de Simone, and mamy more. He also worked with international artists like Krotalus (USA) and P.I.M.P. (BELGIUM), as well as producing tracks for compilations and tributes like Antrhax, Blind Guardian and Running Wild. He has also worked in albums from bands he has played on, like Kamala, Shadowside, Sunseth Midnight, Dead Nature and Scars Souls.

The specialized press always published excellent reviews about his productions and mixings, therefore mentions in interviews and articles about his professional quality. If you want more info about how you can work together, even if you are not from Europe, please get in contact.

(...) again relies on the production of Ricardo Piccoli, every note is crystal clear, highlighting the nuances of dynamics and tone (...)
Whiplash!, February 2010.