Ricardo Piccoli

Short biography of the musician.

Ricardo Piccoli started early, he gave his first concert with the age of twelve and he have already shared the stages with professional bands when he was fourteen. In the early 90s he recorded his first demo on a professional studio and after that experience he decided to follow a carreer as a professional musician and a producer, sharing his time between the stages and studios.

He is bassist and vocalist but also is capable of playing the other basic rock instruments, which uses to record his arrangements and compositions in the studio.

On stage he has performed in over fifteen different countries, from small local venues to the major international events with tens of thousands of spectators.

He has casted the bands Shadowside, Sunseth Midnight, Dead Nature, Scars Souls, Hybreed, Scratsh and Ad Eternum. He has participated in albums of the bands Kamala, Maelström, Vae Solis and others that he produced or arranged. Nowadays he is developing a solo project called Last Try, yet to be released, while he waits the invitation to play in an european band.

In studio he has recorded six albuns from his bands and has participated as a hired musician, guest or arrangement in dozens of others. If you want to work with Ricardo Piccoli or just want more information, please get in contact.